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Why I believe in the #Occupy movement

The police have kicked out all of the media, put a no-fly zone over the park so news helicopters can’t fly over, are arresting journalists as well as peaceful protesters, and have started to lock residents of nearby buildings inside their buildings so they can’t come out and watch the Police tear down Occupy Wall Street. And the US is supposed to be a free country? A democracy? Where is the freedom and the democracy here?

Occupy Wall Street isn’t the only one experiencing censorship and police brutality. Look at Oakland, look at Egypt, Libya, ect. This is a global movement. Regardless of what it’s called, #Occupy or otherwise. People in nearly 2000 cities around the globe are sick and tired of the status quo. And they are being criminalized, brutalized and censored when all people have the right to do exactly as they are.

This is exactly why I believe in the #Occupy movement. We are tricked into thinking we live in free and democratic countries and yet the people who are supposed to protect us beat us, and the people who we elect and are supposed to represent us lie to us. No wonder people have had enough. No wonder the world is in shambles. Every day, every time an #Occupy is attacked, my belief that we need movements like #Occupy grows stronger. They restrict our freedom of speech, they take away our right to protest, they have demolished the freedom of the press, and they criminalize us for being angry about the state of affairs. All for what? For the protection of corporate greed? The protection of the warped, perverted version of the capitalist system we have in place?

All I have to say, is fuck that. Humanity first. Humanity before profit. How was the world allowed to get this way? A small percentage of people make more money than you could spend in a lifetime, while thousands of children in other countries die every day because they can’t eat or drink clean water? Fuck that. Our governments spend more money than they have on our militaries, lend a pittance to less prosperous countries and hold that debt over them so that they can’t grow and become more prosperous and take care of their people? Fuck that. The world needs change. Humanity is suffering, the earth is suffering. We live in a consumer society on a planet that has finite resources. Soon it won’t be able to support us anymore. This is literally a life-or-death situation.

We are slowly drowning and must gather the strength to fight against the torrents and break through the surface and breathe. It’s either that or let our lungs fill with water and die. I am not ready to give up. I am not ready to allow the world to continue down this path, and it is my responsibility to stand up and try to make change. If you are content to just stand by and let humanity kill itself, then feel free to continue as you are. But if you feel that there is injustice occurring, if you feel that what is happening is wrong, you also have the responsibility to stand up. Whether or not you affiliate yourself with or even agree the #Occupy movement, it is your responsibility as a human being to rise up against inequality and injustice. Regardless of what you think of #Occupy. My mother used to tell me growing up that many things were privileges, not rights. The ability to stand up and express discontent, is a right. Occupying public space is a right. Protesting is a right. Freedom of speech is a right. Having access to shelter, food and clean water is a right. People are being denied those rights. This denial needs to be stopped and corrected.

That is why I believe in the #Occupy movement.

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