Love is the answer to a question
that I have forgotten, but I know I've been asked, and the answer has got to be love.
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you guys, get it through your heads

Nobody is worth any less than anyone else. Regardless of your economic stature, height, weight, sexual orientation or lack thereof, gender or lack thereof, skin colour, eye colour, hairstyle, clothing choices, career or lack thereof, education or lack thereof… whatever variation of anything you can be or have. It doesn’t matter because we are all people who struggle and fight and cry and love and smile and have feelings and laugh.

People are beautiful, period. You are humanembrace your humanity.

Thoughts on Humanity

Life feels like a pendulum, constantly in motion, never allowing for even one brief moment of reprieve – unless however, it is stopped abruptly and violently by an outside source. And in this case, requires another’s strength to get it going again. As humans, the social beings that we are, we rarely realize how much we depend on other people – in everything we do and feel. Constantly seeking approval or a second opinion – or even an altercation. We are always seeking something. And yet. This is not something that is celebrated about humanity. We are seen as weak or parasitic if we are seen to need help, much less to reach out for it. Our society celebrates the individual more than the collective. But as a people, we are much stronger in every facet of out lives if we work together as opposed to against each other, or even to strive to make it alone. Humans were not meant to be solitary creatures, we are meant to have social support systems. This is why solitary confinement is used as a torture device. As humans however, we are resilient, able to take repeated beatings over time and still come out not quite unharmed, but alive all the same. Changed forever, but possessing the beating hearts and roving minds that equate life.